Although we have the man power and trucks to handle the biggest commercial projects, we are also geared for the small jobs. We are one of the only companies in Northern Utah that has multiple single axle bobtail trucks that cater to the home owner. These trucks are designed to deliver into tight locations and deliver up to 10 cubic yards of material at a time without breaking your driveway. 

Our Service Specialties:

Our Services Include:

  • Commercial Delivery

  • Residential Delivery

  • Sand Delivery

  • Hauling Sand

  • Gravel Delivery

  • Play Ground Sand Delivery

  • Play Sand

  • Top Soil Delivery

  • Mulch Delivery

  • Bark Delivery

  • River Rock Delivery

  • Bobtail Truck

  • Soil

  • Cobble

  • Fill Dirt

  • Landscaping

  • Crushed Rock

  • And Much more...

Company Profile.


         Proudly providing reliable service to Northern Utah for over 50 Years, Thomas Sand & Gravel is locally and family owned and we have been dedicated to providing reliable quality services to our community holding our employees to the highest standards and keeping integrity at the forefront of our business model.

         We take pride in telling you exactly how much material you need and in making sure we are going to bring you the product that is right for you. All of our products are of the highest quality, and we provide you with short delivery windows so your not waiting around all day for a delivery. We understand people have better things to do.

          Although we can handle any of the larger commercial jobs with big vehicles, we are also one of the only companies in Northern Utah to own many smaller bobtail trucks which are perfect for smaller around the home jobs whereas these trucks have the ability to maneuver better than the larger trucks and have the ability of driving over concrete without breaking it, saving homeowners time and energy by having to move it from the street by hand.